This is the official website of YinwuRealms – a non-commercial Minecraft server

We are a private organization running a Minecraft server, strictly abiding to Mojang EULAs. This means

  • You need to purchase Minecraft: Java Edition and use your Mojang account to login to the Minecraft server (Offline and pirating players are not allowed entry).
  • Our server is fair-to-play. Players who made a donation will not gain any in-game advantage, neither short- nor long-term.

If you found us while looking for a Minecraft Server, please don’t hesitate to try our server. We have a family-like community with friendly and lively players willing to help. You will love this server.

Why are we non-commercial? Why we need donations?

We want to create a space for peoples who love Minecraft and share the fun with each other. Here, the money you pay does not correspond to what you get – only your devotion does. Unlike a commercial server, in which paying money can give one competitive advantage, all our players have agreed that real-world money should not create stratification in the game. We’ve created an atmosphere that commercial servers could never have had – free, open, and friendly. This is also why we need donations – we need funds to keep the server running.

All your donations will be directed towards the operation and maintenance of the server, including monthly fees, bandwidth fees, hardware maintenance, software development, etc. Donations are collected monthly, and the surplus will be rolled on to the next month. Funds are distributed to volunteers who help maintain the server only when all funding endpoints are satisfactory.

Every cent you donate will result in better service, on top of which we can guarantee your priceless gaming experience.

Our Team:

  • Mr_Tangsr         —-(Planner, Players Manager, Funder)
  • Fengshuai          —-(Server O&M, Funder)
  • Wows233           —-(Server O&M, Technical Supporter, Volunteer)
  • LinTx                   —-(Plugins Maker, Volunteer)
  • XxX_Sakura_XxX —-(Players Manager, Volunteer)
  • CallMeDavid       —-(Players Manager, Volunteer)
  • Zyoeni                —-(Architect, Fun Project Designer, Volunteer)
  • _LittleC_              —-(Plugins Maker [almost no plugin], Volunteer)
  • Master_IMLG      —-(Mod Server Planners and Operators,”Innovators” Founder, Volunteer)

Former Team Members (resigned):

  • Lorie_Sen     —- (Receptionist, Volunteer)
  • Mystery_Xy  —-(Architect, Volunteer)
  • BananaC      —-(Foreign Affairs Manager, Volunteer)
  • Nyamoe       —-(Plugins Maker, Volunteer)
  • Cicini                   —-(Website O&M,”DevNetwork” Founder, Volunteer)
  • Cooky_cat           —-(Architect, Translator, Volunteer)


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